Conversation with Vendetta’s Family

The marriage was quickly dissolving and I was talking to everyone. I reached out to all of Vendetta’s close friends and family members to get answers. Tiffany and I spoke in length. She said that Vendetta’s worse characteristic was her inability to say “sorry” no matter how obviously wrong she was. “When desperation drives behavior

Thanksgiving Whispers and Lies Revealed

By Thanksgiving, things were bad. Charles wanted Vendetta and I to hang out together, but Vendetta insisted that we not, so she went with her parents directly through Atlanta where I was staying and on to Alabama to visit her grandparents. I assume now that she wanted to get to Alabama to tell her family

Things Get Stranger – Message from Vendetta’s Grandmother

Psychological Analysis: Could it be possible that you wanted so much to see her “sane” that you ignored many key moments of windows in to her fragile instability?  Also you are citing a lot quotes about people with Borderline Personality Disorder.  I agree the disorder is exhausting to deal with but folks with this disorder can

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