story_image_attorneyAccording to court documents, Rasputin, Vendetta’s accountant, secured a divorce attorney on Vendetta’s behalf. This was suspiciously when Vendetta’s attitude toward the marriage completely changed. Since a month into her pregnancy, she was asking for a divorce. After she hired an attorney, she stopped asking and started plotting. I knew it in the back of my mind, so I tried to get her help before it was too late.

Vendetta got really good advice for how to turn the screws on her manipulation. She discovered that because I bought the house a month after we got married,  she was going to get half of it. Vendetta summarily made herself the ideal home and started to make investments into the house as if she was going to stay forever. I thought the whole thing was strange before I knew about the attorney. Up until then, I don’t know if Vendetta even bought a roll of toilet paper for the house. After that attorney meeting, she spent $1,000 to make herself at home.

Although I had spent lots of money to help prepare the house for Lauren’s arrival, Vendetta started to actually spend her own money as well to help the family prepare. In this instance, Vendetta only spent money on things exclusively for Lauren. She didn’t pay the utility bills, mortgage, car payments, etc. She only paid for things that directly benefited Lauren. I assume it was to say to all her friends, family, and judge that she was the only one supporting Lauren. At that time, I was just happy that she was helping at all. I was tired having my own mother help out with Vendetta and my household expenses. Managing Vendetta’s business, I watched as she pulled in tens of thousands of dollars in profits a month. See below-  just one month of revenue in the image below. It reads over 10k in revenue.

It was sickening to have my mother pay for my gas while watching Vendetta ran to her employees with handfuls of cash. Vendetta has no remorse. She even complained behind my back how much a loser I was always begging my wife for money. Whenever the subject of money came up in counseling or in the bedroom, Vendetta’s anger exploded. I just couldn’t even talk to her about it, which was her plan. Ignore and distract to avoid compromising. Instead, my mother paid for the mortgage with her retirement and I kept paying the minimum balances on credit cards as Vendetta raked up money in the business that I resurrected.