Mother’s Retirement Money

If there is anything that will get me mad, it's taking advantage of my friends and family. I protected my family the same why I protect my mom. Vendetta's attorney keeps stating that my Mom's retirement money was a gift, which means she will not have to pay us back for it. It's probably just

Begging for Money

Many times through the marriage, Vendetta would not help pay family expenses, which was a big problem.  She would go on expensive trips abroad and expensive photography classes, but wouldn't help pay for family expenses. She begged to create a combined bank account, but refused to use it, and she told everyone that I refused

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Vendetta Hires an Attorney

According to court documents, Rasputin, Vendetta’s accountant, secured a divorce attorney on Vendetta’s behalf. This was suspiciously when Vendetta’s attitude toward the marriage completely changed. Since a month into her pregnancy, she was asking for a divorce. After she hired an attorney, she stopped asking and started plotting. I knew it in the back of

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