story_image_financesDuring the marriage I expected to be in charge of the finances, since I was very good at it and Vendetta credit was ruined. Before the marriage, Vendetta 1 revealed that she made about 120k. As we got closer to the actual marriage, I discovered that Vendetta was starting to trim down how much she actually made. I requested Vendetta’s taxes as part of a South Carolina property ownership rule that mandated that we submit legal forms to get an instate tax residence status, which would lower our month mortgage payment, but they weren’t done yet and were six months late. I forced the issue, because we were losing money, but Vendetta resisted to help. I was shocked! I thought we were married. Her husband was begging for financial information to save us $400 a month, but she didn’t want to provide it? It came to a head around her birthday when I messaged Rasputin, her accountant, and said forget about it. I told him that I didn’t care if we go bankrupt. Rasputin delivered the taxes days later and Vendetta finally filed with a salary of 30k. She lied to me about her finances and now we were losing money because of the big mortgage I financed assuming she was telling the truth. We had to get a roommate in order to pay the bills. Soon after, Vendetta just lost it.

It appears all along that Vendetta was in a great financial state. She didn’t need money from a roommate, she was pulling in plenty. It also appeared that Vendetta’s accountant started manipulating the books to lower Vendetta’s income in order to hide assets and make it difficult to find in case of a divorce. Vendetta already had the trick of changing the ownership of her business in case her ex husband or the government came after her for the foreclosure. She was now hiding assets so that I couldn’t get them in case of divorce. Rasputin gave me the very same advice. He said to keep everything separate, but I told him we were married. Vendetta would tell people that she was broke and that she couldn’t contribute anything to the family. That could be true if she really only gave herself a salary of 30k, but the truth was she had another 70k a year staying in her business bank account. Even after she got a roommate, she still didn’t help with family finances. She was using me in every way possible and letting me drown even when I begged her a million times for financial support. I bought the house assuming she would contribute the same amount that she did before we were married. Vendetta was saving an additional $1,000 more per month due being married and not having to pay many bills and debts that I wiped out. Now she was let me slowly die while she accumulated money in her accounts that Rasputin assured her were protected in case of divorce. Absolutely no one thought that what she was doing was appropriate. Some married couples said it was a big warning sign already. It was only October and she was hiding assets 2