I ran into the shower before Vendetta left for a wedding because I didn’t want to shower when I had Lauren with me. When I got out, I needed to grab something from the car, but I couldn’t find my keys. I last lost my keys… never. I rarely lose anything because I have so little, and I’m a creature of habit. I looked around for 15 mins, before looking through the window and seeing that my car door was open. I went outside to see that Taylor and Vendetta were quickly trying to uninstall my car seat to put it into Taylor’s car. I asked why, and Vendetta couldn’t put words together… she was mumbling. She was already in her rage state, and I didn’t know why, so I asked what they were doing and why. Vendetta ignored me and kept struggling with the seat. Taylor didn’t know what was happening, so I asked again. That time, Vendetta got really mad. I seriously didn’t know what her issue was.

Vendetta finally succeeded and got the car seat out. She ran over to Taylor’s car and installed it while I watched from a distance. Vendetta was in a rage. It’s a dangerous situation for everyone. I told Vendetta that I can take care of Lauren and that I’m her father. I did so every day while Vendetta was either sleeping or busy with clients or at a shoot. Keeping her for a day without Vendetta was nothing to be worried about. Vendetta didn’t care. Her response to me was incoherent. I told her that Lauren was my child too. Vendetta found her words and screamed at me in the parking lot of our complex that I “had no rights to take care of Lauren unless we were divorced.” She was right, because now that we are divorced, I got my rights without fear for my life. A much better situation for me, but it was far worse for Lauren.

I looked at Taylor and said this whole thing was crazy. I’m Lauren’s father, and I have just the same rights at Vendetta. Taylor begged me to leave Vendetta alone because Vendetta’s hand was shaking in rage. At that moment I knew it wasn’t Taylor who was bi-polar, but Vendetta that controlled relationships and especially her parents. I backed off and went upstairs as Taylor took Lauren away.

Minutes later, I got a call from Vendetta. She was in a calm, hooky-poky voice. I thought, what the heck happened to this girl. It’s only been two mins, and now she is my best friend. Apparently, Vendetta crashed the van in the same parking lot where she was yelling at me. Here’s the picture:


story_image_crashShe needed me and was being extremely nice in order to get my help. To be able to flip that switch is crazy to me, but she did it with no effort. Fortunately, Lauren was in Taylor’s car and wasn’t injured. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed and how Vendetta controlled that situation and completely blew off her responsibility. As for the crash, Vendetta is notorious for driving crazy, but when she is raging, it’s even worse. Remember how I had to jump out the car months earlier? Vendetta caused that crash with her erratic, rage-filled driving. I wasn’t going to allow Vendetta to drive that way with Lauren if I could help it.

I learned months later that Vendetta had hacked my phone and saw that I was taking Lauren around Charleston to show her off to my friends. I also planned to visit Vendetta’s brother, who I loved hanging out with. Vendetta was mad that I was going to do that, but never said anything to me1. Instead, she got mad and stopped me from having Lauren. A few situations where Vendetta raged were a result of suspecting things and taking action against me. It was a sad existence. Her paranoia must have been gripping and debilitating, unless she was just evidence gathering to file for divorce. Either way, my social life was exceedingly boring during the week. I just worked and slept.