story_image_personality disorderThe afternoon that I conversed with Samantha, I texted Eliot to talk that night. I didn’t even tell him what I learned from Samantha, I instead said these exact words. “I talked to Samantha today. Eliot, Taylor’s not bi-polar.” Before I could tell him that Samantha said Vendetta projected everything, Eliot beat me to the groundbreaking insight. Samantha’s information made perfect sense. Neither one of us ever saw Taylor act as if she was bi-polar.

The conversation quickly shifted to all the horrible stories Vendetta told us. Those stories always involved Vendetta being a victim, but they never made sense, because she would then have the negative consequences of being the instigator. Why did all her friends leave her? Why did she not report her story to the cops? Why was she so forgiving of people who did her wrong? Well, her stories were all backwards. She was projecting. Eliot started with the stories about Taylor being bi-polar. That was Vendetta. I asked Eliot if he’s the one that broke down Vendetta’s door and saved Vendetta from blowing her head off with a shot gun. Vendetta told me it was Eliot that she saved. I nearly fell over when I heard the truth. Apparently, Vendetta would have ended her life if she could have reached the trigger of the long barrel shotgun that Eliot had at his apartment. Instead, she put two shots into the ceiling… whizzing past her head…. Just as Eliot got enough courage to wrestle the gun away. Eliot told me he had no idea how she found the bullets for the gun, which were hidden, I presumed locked away. We both agreed the Vendetta was extremely resourceful and a little crazier than we ever imagined. Taylor and Samantha knew a long time ago that Vendetta had what they assumed was Narcissistic  Personality Disorder (NPD). Here was an example of Vendetta projecting and convincing her accountant, Rasputin, that it was me with the disorder and me that harmed Vendetta. It was all a lie and he was the messenger:

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Since all of Vendetta’s stories were up for debate, we started from childhood. After Vendetta moved to Charleston, she got kicked out of her private Christian school. She said she didn’t fit in due to her humble background and accent, but it was because she was a danger to the other kids and, generally, a nuances to the other classmates. Next, she was kicked out of public school and was sent back to a different private school. Three different schools over a short period of time. The last private school was a delinquent school where she was picking up mundane back habits, like smoking, but also dangerous bad habits that would lead to violence. I never knew these details before we got married. That’s why Taylor took her out of school and home taught her for 6 months in Europe. If was the first time since Charles moved from Missouri that Vendetta gave me any evidence that her parents intervened so heavily in her life. Vendetta was unable to stay out of trouble and would never have graduated from high school if Taylor didn’t intervene. When I asked Vendetta why she went to Europe, she told me that her parents were arguing a lot. That may or may not be true. All I know, is that Vendetta was in trouble and Taylor took those actions to save her.

The trouble didn’t end after high school. Vendetta was kicked out (asked to leave) her conservative private Christian school, where she lived on campus and broken many of their rules. Her parents had her live, under supervision, with her aunt to avoid getting into more trouble. Vendetta told me she had a stalker at the school, but that never made sense to me. Vendetta supposedly graduated from college at Carson Newman, but I have yet to see a certificate to authenticate that claim.

What about the stories of Taylor threatening to cut herself in the bathroom… threatening suicide? That was Vendetta. “One patient recalled disturbing memories of his mother locking herself in the bathroom and threatening to kill herself as the patient, at age 7, tried to calm her down.” What about the evil business practices against her company? That was Vendetta who did horrible things to other people’s companies. The list went on. I was shocked and really upset at how I had been tricked. Vendetta’s whole life was a lie.