Eliot Helps to Put the Pieces Together

The afternoon that I conversed with Samantha, I texted Eliot to talk that night. I didn’t even tell him what I learned from Samantha, I instead said these exact words. “I talked to Samantha today. Eliot, Taylor’s not bi-polar.” Before I could tell him that Samantha said Vendetta projected everything, Eliot beat me to the

First Evidence of NPD | Only Nice Toward Me When I’m Working For Her

On several occasions after Vendetta got pregnant, she would say that our relationship was only about business. This was definitely her view, but it was not mine. The only time Vendetta was nice to me was when I was working on her business. She was nice because she saw the value of my efforts, and

Conversation with Vendetta’s Family

The marriage was quickly dissolving and I was talking to everyone. I reached out to all of Vendetta’s close friends and family members to get answers. Tiffany and I spoke in length. She said that Vendetta’s worse characteristic was her inability to say “sorry” no matter how obviously wrong she was. “When desperation drives behavior