story_image_rageAfter I proposed to Vendetta, we were both very excited and our friends were super excited too. A couple of weeks later, we went up to Tennessee to visit Vendetta’s aunt Samantha. It was a great time and we were excited to be on a fun vacation; however, Vendetta’s first rage happened on the way home from that trip. I was driving, but felt tired and wanted to switch drivers. Vendetta was up the whole time and didn’t appear tired, so I assumed she would switch and be fine. I pulled over and asked Vendetta to drive. She said sure, but as soon as she hopped into the driver’s seat, she reclined and went to sleep. I was irritated, because Vendetta had hours to sleep, but chose not to. Now I was in a hurry and Vendetta was sleeping. I said we needed to leave so that I could get home. That’s when Vendetta snapped. If I knew her triggers, I wouldn’t have pressed the issue, but it was too late. Vendetta said, “fine” and then sped out of the parking lot and sped down the windy highway all the way home. “The mother’s appearance reveals the change in her mental state. The pupils of the eyes enlarge, giving the individual a shark-like-look, and indicating the potential for attack or detachment from reality.” The roads were extremely dangerous, because it was dark and the roads were wet. I’ve been in a car with drunk drivers; this experience was worse. It was by far the most dangerous experience of my life. When we arrived at Chris Sloan’s house, I jumped out of the car and left as quickly as possible. “The single greatest power adult’s… possess is their ability to get away.” Vendetta called later and said she was sorry and she wanted me to come back, but I was too shaken by the experience. She said she chased me down the road while crying, but when I left, I didn’t see that at all. It’s like she was possessed. She wanted me to leave, but didn’t want me to actually leave1 . If I had not already proposed to Vendetta, then I would have greatly extended how much time we needed to date before getting married. I was thinking in my head that I need to cancel this engagement.